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Who We Are

MASK Advertising Services was created to narrow the gap between physical and digital marketing services. While creating integrated marketing campaigns for today, at the same time we build brand continuity for tomorrow.

Our team consists of members with huge experience in the marketing sector, and at the same time many enthusiastic and creative young members. The perfect combination for creating results-driven strategies. We assign a dedicated team to every project, to boost productivity, and deliver breathtaking results.

Mission MASK 360°

Our mission is to offer our customers 360° advertising services so that they can achieve their communication goals.

Vision MASK 360°

Our vision is to serve our customers with high quality advertising services which are mainly goal-driven.

What We Do


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Full Marketing Audit/Assessment
  • Marketing Research (Market Size, Competition, Margins etc)
  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Traditional & New Media Strategy
  • SEO Strategy


  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Traditional & Digital PR
  • Video Concept & Production
  • Brand Awareness
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Development & Design
  • Mobile Application Development & Design
  • Media Planning
  • Bellow The Line Activities

Our Latest Projects

zythos vap

Zythos VAP

We were assigned the project of increasing brand awareness for the local brand Zythos VAP, and ultimately increase sales on the Greek market. Communication wise, we managed to make Zythos VAP a recognizable brand nationwide and build a body of loyal followers/customers. Sales wise we achieved in 24 months to make Zythos Vap probably one of the best selling Greek produced beers.

We were assigned to build from scratch, a price comparison / shopping search engine that would be able to penetrate a market with some well established players. In 36 months we have managed to build a very innovative product that has achieved over 1000 partnerships in the Greek e-commerce market alone. We are currently working on expanding the project to other European countries.

  • Software Development
  • Project expansion up to more than 1000 e-shop partners
  • Digital Campaign « η λέξη κλειδί στις αγορές σου»
  • Digital Contests

We were assigned to build from scratch, a proximity marketing tool (location based push notifications). We delivered a prototype product and a website and currently working on finishing the apps.

  • NOTEEFY.ME is a location-based marketing platform enabling businesses to easily enhance the retail shopper experience through simple, personalized, proximity-based messaging.
  • NOTEEFY.ME offers a form of advertising, where a marketer is able to initiate a communication with a consumer that is location based, timely relevant and personal.
  • NOTEEFY.ME can provide valuable data, such as shoppers count, shopping duration, bounce rate, outside traffic, storefront performance, visitor loyalty etc.
little fox

E-shop design and implementation for

zervos group

Zervos Group

We created the corporate identity for Zervos Group and its Subsidiary Companies for which we also provide 360° advertising services.

nassos keramik

E-shop design, development and digital marketing for

  • Web Development & Design
  • Rebranding
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Services
white events

Website design and development for


Project design & development for online auction platform and local product marketplace

  • Web application design & development
  • Mobile application design & development (iOS/Android)
  • System Administration
  • Software support & maintenance
bella vista stegna

Project design & development for online hotel presentation & booking platform

  • Touristic accommodation website design & development
  • Accommodation presentation & online booking system setup
  • Technical support & maintenance
my sweetheart

E-shop design and implementation for


Project design & development for Rhodes tourist guide.

  • Website design & development
  • Technical support & maintenance


with MASK 360°

  • Ethelonton Dodekanision 28
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • (+30) 22410 20290

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